Rooms and prices

Economy Class

  • from 800 rubles per day, from 3 to 8 people in the room.
  • Comfortably and cheaply!

  • We have:
  • — 2 triple rooms
  • — 3 four-bedded room
  • — 1 six-seater number
  • — 1 eight-local numbers

Comfortable rooms

  • from 2000 rubles per day, possible hourly pay. Our hostel has 6 rooms of this type.


  • The hostel has a common room to resolve all the household problems. The room has electrical appliances: microwave oven, refrigerator, kettle, and washing machine, iron.

The Internet

  • Customers can use computers with free Internet access. In all rooms of hostel operates wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi).


Room Cost per bed per day
Comfort 2500 (per room)
Comfort-econom (double) 2000 (per room)
Comfort-econom (twin) 1800 per room or 900 per person
3 bed
900 rub.
4-bed, 2-tier
800 rub.
820 rub.
700 rub.  600 rub.
6-person 700 rub.  600 rub.
8-person, 2-tier
800 rub. 

* - 14/06-23/06/2010

Payment by credit card

We accept payment by plastic cards. You can pay for services either on site or remotely reservation, call us at +7 499 238 84 20 and informing your card number.


May room in the hostel in the center of Moscow cost cheaply? It`s one opinion that the cheap hotel in Moscow available because it have no required number of elements, not enough service, and the hotel is located somewhere on the outskirts. We are ready to break that stereotype. Hostel in the center of Moscow must be comfortable!

You can choose a room only by 800 rubles per day, and if you are going in Moscow together, we can offer a luxe double room for 2000 rub . None of the cheap hotel in Moscow will not be able to propose similar prices at a high level of service and luxury accommodation. There is a bathroom in the rooms on the each floor — absolutely new equipment.

Internet, TV, kitchen — we have done everything to make you feel fine. Strongly recommend you to deposit in safe all the valuable things. Please contact an administrator; this service free for you.

If you are visited our hostel «Gostiny dvor na Polyanke» at least once, you definitely will not ask oneself a question, «Where yon can spend the time in Moscow». Our mini hostel ready to accept guests at any time of year and day.

Estimated time

Checkout time — 12 o’clock in the afternoon
Settlement time — 13 o’clock in the afternoon. If the place is free, settling probably earlier 13.
Payment is made only by cash and in roubles.